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    miércoles, febrero 14, 2007


    Cual es su verdadero nombre?
    What´s your real name?

    Sergio Hernadez

    Por cuanto tiempo a formado parte del movimiento de graffiti?
    For how long you´ve been, into the graffiti movement?
    I was introduced to it in 1992 but took it more serious around 1996

    Alguna de sus bombas le cambio la vida?
    Does your bombs changed your life somehow?
    Yes. When I proposed to my wife so everyone could see it on the freeway.
    I did it with some help from my friends. That was a big change in my life.
    It gave me more motivation to work hard so I can provide for my family.

    Porque pintar niños?
    Why do you paint kids?
    I love the youth because they are more sincere and
    less corrupted than most of us adults. They also have
    great imaginations and tend to have more fun than
    grown ups. I still try to approach life with the
    wonder of a child.

    Cuando niño le fue inculcada alguna religion --sino fue así, tiene alguna?
    Did your family tought you to folow a religion --if they don´t, do you have any?
    My dad was against religion and my mom was devote Jehovas Witness.
    So it was hard sometimes. I'm not a religious person myself but I believe in the Almighty.
    I don't follow any man made institutions, dogmas, or doctrines.

    Usted usa iconos religiosos o de sectas, por que?
    You use religious and clan icons, why?
    Because they are powerful images. They represent many things to many people so they are interesting.
    I try not to judge or preach to anyone, because I don't like it when people do that to me.

    La migración, a influenciado de manera importante su vida y su arte?
    Does imigration, influenced your life and art in an important way?

    Very much. A lot of my family started off by being here(San Diego) illegaly and I have many family members who live in Tijuana who can't cross the border because they don't have enough money. I love going to Tijuana to paint graffiti or visit my family.
    It's very humbling.

    Cual es, o a sido su lienzo favorito?
    Wich is or has been your favorite canvas?

    I have many. I like painting big canvases whenever I get a chance. It's hard for me to choose though.
    Each canvas represents a different experience in my life. I guess they are all one in the same.

    La representacion de Pinocho como un adicto a la mentira, es un reflejo de la sociedad en que creció, en la que podriamos crecer cualquiera de nosotros --o es un simple fetiche?
    To represent Pinocchio as a lieing junkie, is a way to reflect the society in which you grew up, in which anyone of us could grow up --or is just a simple fetish?

    Everyone from day one is taught lies. The hard part is growing up and figuring out that you have to start from scratch.

    En una de sus piezas, utiliza este simbolo )+( , que significa?
    You use this simbol )+( in one of your art pieces,what does it mean?

    I can't comment on that.

    Que tanto le gusta la ciencia?
    How much do you like Science?

    I lone it. I was horrible at it in school. But the
    concepts in Physics are amazing and they really
    allowed me to become a more spiritual person. And it's
    fun to read about parrallel universes and alternate

    Que es el miedo para usted, o que que devemos temer?
    What does fear is for you, or what do you think we got to be afraid of?

    We shouldn't fear anything. Fear is a mind killer.


    Anonymous Anónimo said...

    increible entrevista! pero porque habla en ingles el vato?

    8:53 a. m.  
    Anonymous Anónimo said...

    Kriste , mejor ya ponte a chamvear

    11:19 a. m.  

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